Sunday 8th September 2024

Join with churches across Australia to celebrate Foster, Kinship, and Permanent Carers and play a role in being a safe and supportive space for those involved in the Out-of-Home Care system.

Download the Toolkit

Host Foster Care Sunday in your church. Download the Church Toolkit which will show you how.

Foster Care Sunday Video 2024

Access the 2024 Foster Care Sunday video to celebrate the foster carers in your community and raise awareness of the need for more.

Foster Care Sunday Video 2023

Access the 2023 Foster Care Sunday video.

Why Foster Care Sunday?

Over 45,300 children in Australia are in Out-of-Home Care, however, there are not enough foster carers to provide loving homes for them.Foster Care Sunday provides an opportunity for the Church to come together in unity to celebrate foster and kinship carers, raise awareness, and consider ways to respond.We can all do something to create communities of welcome and support for carers and children with a care experience.

Foster Care Sunday is an initiative of the Australian Christian Foster Care Network, a coalition of organisations, church leaders and foster carers mobilising and supporting Christian carers in Australia.

ARK Australia

ARK Australia is a movement of communities dedicated to providing family and belonging to vulnerable kids through foster care and adoption. They:

  • Can bring a message to your church

  • Host the 'Faith & Fostering Podcast

  • Provide no obligation online information sessions

  • Oversee a growing nationwide network of peer-support communities, designed to ‘be the village’ for children in care

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope exists to reflect Christ's love by supporting at-risk children and those who care for them. They do this by:

  • Raising awareness about the number of children growing up in out of home care and shortage of foster/kinship carers

  • Recruiting new carers

  • Offering ongoing pastoral care and support to carers and their families.

The Homeward Project

The Homeward Project equips the local church for a holistic ministry of Out-of-Home Care. We provide practical resources, pathways and ongoing support to recruit and support foster carers and mobilise members of your church to serve vulnerable children and families in your community in a range of different ways. We don't all have to do the same thing, but we can all do something.

You Parties

You Parties is an easy-to-use resource for local churches to help them partner with foster families & celebrate their foster children. Our party-throwing kits are designed specially to communicate love and value to children in out-of-home care by celebrating them in unique and fun ways.

With support from NAYBA Australia

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